Maxim Kozhevnikov

Maxim Kozhevnikov was born as a disabled person, who had the second group of visual sense disability and atelocardia from his childhood. And that was why his parents were not very sure about his successful future. However, his insistence, hard work, talent and his unique aesthetic sensitivity helped him and became a good foundation of his career.

The strongest point of Maxim as a performer and choreographer is the wide range of styles he is gifted at. Some of that styles are: Ballroom, Modern, Jazz, Tango Argentine, Mambo, Salsa, Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy-Hop and Hip-Hop.

As for today Maxim participates in different dance artistic projects all over the world as an organizer, choreographer, judge and a performer.

Because of his continued success, Max has truly achieved both fame and respect from various ballroom organizations, adjudicators, his peers and his students.




As for today Maxim is the most copying choreographer and performer of his shows, f.e., «The Beat» was copied by many World and Olympic Games Champions (in gymnastics and figure-skating).